What kind of moving insurance do you need in Portland?

When moving in Portland Oregon, consumers often have questions about insurance for their items while being moved.What happens if something is damaged while in transport?

There are several things to consider.

The first thing to do before you move is to check your own insurance. Your homeowner insurance may include coverage of for-hire transport.

If you do not have coverage through your own homeowner insurance, you will have a basic level of coverage if you’re using a licensed mover at no cost to you.

Licensed movers in Oregon must provide insurance coverage of 60 cents per pound for items damaged or destroyed. This is called “Released Value Protection”.

Purchasing additional moving insurance coverage

Consumers may opt to purchase additional coverage for their items. This is called “Replacement Cost Coverage” and covers items for their value, not their weight.

Items are valued at no less than $3.50 a pound.

While this coverage provides additional protection for consumers, it does come at an additional charge.

You can buy replacement cost coverage moving insurance from your mover, which is usually the easiest option. However, you don’t have to purchase Replacement Cost Coverage from your moving company if they have a different vendor you prefer for insurance.

No matter what, insurance needs to be discussed and agreed upon before your move starts!

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