What to Know Before Moving to Victoria, BC

If you’re planning a move to Victoria, British Columbia, you can expect great weather, natural beauty inside the city and in the surrounding region, friendly neighbors, and intriguing employment possibilities.

Weather in Victoria

Victoria’s climate is famously pleasant, with the mildest winters in all of Canada. Even the rainfall is less here, but the region makes use of every drop, turning it all into an abundance of flowers each spring. In fact, Victoria is even nicknamed “The Garden City,” and the locals take that quite seriously, counting bulbs when they pop up as early as February. The famous Butchart Gardens sit just outside the city, attracting locals and visitors alike. Throughout the city, flowers bloom year-round, and in some spots, you can even find tropical plants such as banana trees or palm trees.

Many people move to Victoria because of it feels so much like England, and Oak Bay Village is the neighborhood to head to if that’s what you love. The James Bay neighborhood also features many stunning Victorian homes, many of them meticulously preserved.

Exploring Victoria

In the Rockland and Fairfield neighborhoods, you can enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the mountains and ocean that Victoria offers. You’ll find some Victorian homes here, too, but also more recent Arts and Crafts architecture. More modest homes await you in Victoria’s vibrant Chinatown.

Getting on and off Vancouver Island, where Victoria is located, requires use of a ferry, and you can almost feel yourself slowing down and relaxing as you cross the Juan de Fuca Strait. Victoria itself has a robust public transportation system that connects residents to the suburbs as well as carrying them around town, and an extensive web of bike paths covers most of the island.

Schools in Victoria

In Victoria, public and private schools are available throughout the city, and the presence of two universities adds a college town vibe to the nearby neighborhoods.

Activities in Victoria

Whether you prefer to spend your time on cultural pursuits or outdoors in nature, Victoria has plenty for you to do. Head out on the water on a kayak, a yacht, or even a float plane to explore the islands of British Columbia and Washington state, or start hiking the 8,000-kilometer Trans-Canada Trail right in the midst of Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park. Plan on ice skating during the winter and golf in the summer, and if you love either horse or car racing, you’re in luck. Divers enjoy scuba and snorkeling here, a spot that the Jacques Cousteau Society proclaimed one of the top cold diving destinations in the world.

Opera, ballet, and theater all find a welcome home in Victoria, and during the summer, the city turns into a festival magnet. Enjoy jazz, blues, ska, rock, folk and classical music festivals every year, as well as the quirkiness of the Victoria Fringe Festival’s theatrical offerings.

If you love to play hockey, consider joining one of Victoria’s several recreational hockey teams. It’s a great way to meet people and start to form bonds with your new neighbors. Often newcomers to Victoria find themselves becoming fast friends.

Considering Moving to Victoria?

Moving to Victoria in the winter requires some special precautions. Be prepared for snow, and have a snow shovel and warm clothing ready. Make sure you set up your utilities in advance so you have heat and hot water waiting for you. Finally, lay down some plastic or cardboard at the entrances to your home to protect your floors as people move in and out, possibly tracking in snow and salt.

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