What to Know Before Moving to Kitchener ON

Canada is home to a post-industrial economy that is booming on the back of jobs in energy and natural resources, as well as the informational technology and healthcare sectors. If you’re thinking of moving to Kitchener, you’ve picked one of the rising communities in Ontario to call your new home.

You Move Me is a local Kitchener moving company that can help you when the time comes to move, but also provide you with the tips you need to get ready before you pack a single box or wrap a single item in bubble wrap and tape.

Picking a Neighbourhood when Moving to Kitchener, ON

The city of Kitchener, and the greater Waterloo region of Ontario, offers some of the lowest cost of living factors in Canada. Overall, the Waterloo region is an extremely affordable place to live with a total cost of living that is substantially lower than major international and national municipalities, and is also much lower than other municipalities in Ontario. To a certain degree, there’s no wrong place to call home when you move to Kitchener.

Huron Park and Brigadoon is a modern community with a delightful combination of urban, forest, and farmland residential options. Many homes enjoy a beautiful backdrop courtesy of Brigadoon Woods and Strasburg Creek, which wind their way through the Huron Park and Brigadoon neighbourhood.

Downtown Kitchener is another great option. The heart of the city is home to some of the region’s oldest homes, with stately facades predating World War II and modern amenities inside. Victoria Park is the preeminent neighbourhood downtown, and boasts a sprawling lake and iron bridge that includes views of the town’s historic clock tower.

Real Estate Services when Moving to Kitchener, ON

If you want to find the best homes ahead of your move to Kitchener and the greater Waterloo region, you’ll need the help of the right real estate service. New homes and buildings are going up across the area, and old homes are constantly undergoing renovations to attract younger generations to up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

There are resources such as the Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate guide that offer informative options for those looking for a home in Kitchener, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Board which maintains a multiple-listing service online.

Consider You Move Me when Moving to Kitchener, ON

When you’re ready to move to Kitchener, You Move Me is the best choice you’ll find. Our movers are dedicated to efficient and professional service, and that starts with showing up on time to every move so that you don’t waste time waiting on us.

All of our quotes for service are fair and transparent. You won’t find any hidden fees tacked on to your invoice after the fact, and our one-hour minimum charge ensures that you are only paying us for the time we spend packing, loading, and moving you to your new home.

Most importantly, our friendly, uniformed Kitchener movers arrive at your home with a clean, shiny truck. It may not seem like much, but it gives you peace of mind that you’re working with a company that cares about your move, and helps prevent dirt and dust from being tracking into your home or transferred onto your goods.

How to Move In Style

If you hate moving, you’ll really love us! If you want to know how to move to Kitchener, the only answer is to move with You Move Me. Not only is our mission to move you, not just your boxes, but we offer assistance to you every step of the way that is designed to make your move smoother.

Most people would agree that packing is the most time-consuming factor in any move, and You Move Me understands that. We offer an affordable, efficient packing service that starts with our Kitchener movers coming to your home ahead of the move to pack your goods. Whether you want one item packed or the entire home, or movers can handle the task.

We’ll bring all the boxes, tape, and packing materials needed to carefully and efficiently pack your household goods. With our packing service you’ll also enjoy our free wardrobe service. The wardrobe service includes the use of sturdy wardrobe boxes. We’ll pack your closets and clothing at your current home, and unload those boxes and rehang everything in the closets of your new residence.

Go Ahead, Call Our Kitchener, ON Movers Today!

You Move Me’s Kitchener movers are standing by to help you experience a better move to your new home. Give us a call today or go online to schedule your professional, friendly Kitchener movers now!

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