Moving to Cincinnati, OH: Things to Know Before You Move

Are you moving to Cincinnati? That’s awesome news. And at You Move Me Cincinnati, we’re here to help you get settled with a minimum of hassle and a maximum of ease. Our job is to minimize your stress and let you get back to your life as fast as possible. When you move with us, it’s almost fun.

Make your Move to Cincinnati a Breeze!

When you move with us, you’ll experience the easiest moving day of your life. We show up at your place right on time. We even bring you coffee to get your day started, because that’s what friends do. We make every effort to park our truck in a spot that won’t inconvenience your neighbors, and we start off with a walkthrough so you can point every single thing you’re concerned about. Show us that desk that has to be disassembled to fit through a door, that box of your son’s Lego creations that has to go on top of the pile, and that 400-year-old antique that needs special handling. We listen, and we pay attention.

Our special attention keeps going as we pack the truck. Our trucks are clean and safe, and we come fully prepared, with packing blankets to cushion your furniture in the truck. We stack boxes so as to protect all your breakables, and we take special note of the boxes you’re going to need first when the move’s over, making sure you have immediate access.

While we’re loading and unloading, we put down floor runners to protect your old floors and your new ones. When we unload, we deliver every box to the room you need it in, so you don’t find yourself rummaging through a box of cooking utensils in the bedroom. We do everything we can to make sure you feel welcome in your new home, including handing you a housewarming gift as we leave.

Packing Services when Moving to Cincinnati, OH

If you want a little help packing, we’ll jump right in, whether it’s one item, one room or your whole home. And don’t even think of packing your hanging clothes. At You Move Me, we offer a FREE wardrobe service. That means you don’t have to pack a single piece of hanging clothing, not so much as a jacket. Think of all the time you’ll save when you don’t have to fold, you don’t have to box. Then think of how great it’ll feel to open your new closet and find all your clothes already hanging there neatly, wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

We’re happy to help with packing in other ways, too. Do you need boxes, bubble wrap, strapping tape? We’ve got it all, and our boxes even have a heart-shaped lock on the top to keep everything securely in place. We have boxes of all sizes and shapes, including dish packs for all your fine china or stoneware, and we can help you decide what kinds of boxes we need. Don’t worry about any items that many people consider difficult to pack, such as mirrors or lamps — there’s a box for those, too.

Transparent Rates from our Movers

When it comes to pricing, we don’t have any surprises waiting for you. We’re transparent with our pricing, with no hidden fees waiting to jump out and shock you on moving day. You pay what you agree to pay. And we start with a paltry two-hour minimum (What?! No one does that!), so you don’t have to pay for time that you don’t even use.

You’ll love our crews. We hire the most professional movers anywhere, and we run criminal background checks on every employee. They handle every box with care, going above and beyond to make you happy.

Let our Cinncinati Movers Help!

If you hate moving, you’re going to love us. From Hartwell to Mount Washington, from Madisonville to Westwood, we are here in Cincinnati to make your moving day easy and even pleasurable. Call us at You Move Me for a free, no-obligation quote today.

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