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So you’ve decided to hire a moving company for your house move this time around. Great idea! You may even get them to pack! Either way, on the big day, there’s no heavy lifting for you or your (grateful) family and friends. But wait…do moving companies take everything?

Most have guidelines around this which they’ll explain on the phone when you book your appointment. But the following list is a good rule of thumb to use. Safety is the name of the game here: from a perspective of value or because the items are actually quite dangerous and too risky for a company to take on.

What to take with you:

Highly valuable items such as jewellery, money, important documents, fine wine, coin collections, and treasured and/or expensive paintings and antiques

Extremely heavy items such as safes and grand pianos

Please note, many moving companies will offer a third party option to have a specialized company come in to move heavy or highly valuable items. At You Move Me we use Alliance Relocation Services.

Flammable or combustible items, including ammunition/firearms, gasoline, propane tanks.Appliances that are connected to a gas or water line must be disconnected before movers will take them. Lawnmowers and other equipment that take gasoline or propane must have fully-drained tanks.

There are other considerations you will have to take when planning a move, such as moving non-working cars, frozen food, and live items, including pets and plants. For more information please read:

10 tips for moving with pets

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Hiring movers can take a lot of stress out of a hectic time in your life. You may never go back to trying it on your own. However, it’s important to consider the items you will want to keep close and safe, with you, or provide extra special care for, during the big day.

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