How to pack valuable items

As a local moving company, You Move Me is often tasked with moving valuable items like antiques and even fragile museum pieces. We’re proud to say that we possess some of the greatest professionals and equipment in Atlanta, and we’re skilled at both packing and moving valuable items.

Although we do have skilled hands and comprehensive insurance, here are some tips for packing precious items for your next move.

Get the right boxes

Free boxes are always a nice thing to have when you’re moving, but for some of your most valuable items you may want to buy high-grade packing boxes or even plastic crates with professional packing material.

Tape paintings

Something as simple as taping up your frames and photographs can actually make a big impact on preserving their integrity. Putting an X with masking tape on your glass surfaces can actually keep glass from shattering.

Create an inventory

With an inventory, our professionals will know exactly where your valuables are at all times. It will also help us to strategize where to pack your most important items. Remember to label boxes when possible to help with the unpacking and packing process.

Invest in bubble wrap and packing material

It’s impossible to over-pack and over-protect valuable items like dishes or collectibles. Tape up collectibles with bubble wrap, and wrap dishes in several layers of paper to protect them even over short distance moves.

Moving Tips - Atlanta

You Move Me Atlanta is a nationally-branded moving service with enough options to accommodate even the toughest move’s requirements. On top of employing some the best movers in the business, this company can provide high-quality packing services, local moving services, and is on-time, every time.

We move you, not just your boxes. We care about our customers just as much as we care about protecting and carefully moving belongings. If you‘re looking for the best Atlanta movers and the most comprehensive Atlanta moving packages, contact You Move Me Atlanta today.

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