How to move a grandfather clock like a pro

Grandfather Clock

At a Glance Instructions for Moving a Grandfather Clock:

  • Remove the weights from the clock.
  • Wrap the weights in a moving blanket to protect them from damage.
  • Place moving blankets inside the clock to stabilize glass from the inside.
  • Wrap the outside of the clock to protect it from damage.

At You Move Me in Vancouver Wa, we see all sorts of different Items to be moved. We move anything from you average couch, all the way to a 300lb vase and have even moved a non-running car.

There are certain Items that take special knowledge and care to move in a safe and secure way.

One of those items is a Grandfather Clock. Every member of our team is trained on the specifics of what it takes to move such a fragile item. Consider hiring a professional instead of tackling this big project yourself!

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Here’s how we do it.

1. Remove the weights from the clock

The first thing we do when getting a Grandfather Clock ready to move is remove the weights from inside the clock. If the weights were left on they could swing around during transport and potentially shatter the glass surrounding them.

Removing Weights
Empty Clock

You can see that all of the internal pieces have been removed.

See what they look like when they aren’t inside of a grandfather clock below:

Clock Parts

2. Wrap the weights in a moving blanket to protect them from damage

The weights will be wrapped individually in think blankets to avoid being scratched during the move. Great care is taken with each piece of the clock to keep everything exactly as it was when we arrived and began to pack it up.

Moving Mat

3. Place moving blankets inside the clock to stabalize glass from the inside

Inside the grandfather clock, two of our thick blankets were placed inside. The blankets are to help stabilize the glass from the inside to keep it from breaking. We take extra care to make sure that the blankets on the inside are not stuffed in carelessly or too tight. The glass on a grandfather clock is so fragile that even blankets stuffed in too tight could shatter the glass from the inside.

At this point we also take the opportunity to secure the key to the door of the clock at the top.

Blanket Inside Clock

4. Wrap the outside of the clock to protect it from damage

Now that the inside is secure, we are ready to get the outside ready to be moved. Our three-man crew all stepped in to help with this part, to ensure the blanket was held securely to the clock with not air gaps and that the packaging tape was wrapped tightly around the entire clock.

The final product is a grandfather clock properly packed up and ready to me moved to its next destination. It was one of the last things we loaded on the truck where it was secured.

Securing The Clock

Make sure to call in the pros if you have valuable items that need to be moved

Moving an item like a grandfather clock isn’t easy to do by yourself – especially if you don’t have the right tools and training for the job. These valuable family heirlooms can be moved safely when done properly. If you have fragile items, like a grandfather clock, it’s always a good idea to ensure you are using professional movers for your move.

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