What to Keep When Moving

Moving house is the ideal time to get rid of unwanted items. The benefits are numerous. For one, it’s cheaper because you’ll be paying your movers less to move fewer items. But perhaps the most important reason is you can finally put an end to the repeated transference of junk from home to home. We all fall into this way of thinking: that we’ll use that old treadmill again when the time is right…that throwing away your childhood fluffy collection will bring on regret later in life…that every book you ever read must be saved for your retirement library… The truth is there are healthy ways to make the right decisions when letting go of possessions, no regrets expected! Here are our tips on what you should toss before you move, why you should do it, and how to do it.

The items you no longer have room for. 

If the house you are moving to has smaller closets, fewer rooms, and less storage space you’ll be bursting at the seams if you don’t scale back on your stuff. Let this be the first barometer of what stays and what goes. Consider letting go of pieces of furniture that are worn, clunky, or don’t suit your décor.

The things you never use that have no meaning to you. 

As you plan your packing make a mental note of things you’ve been toting around for years that really don’t mean much to you. It could be a painting you once loved or clothing you aren’t really jazzed about. These are the items that you can easily find a good second home for.

The things you never use that do have meaning to you. 

Other belongings fall into the category of things that have meaning to you but you seldom use. It’s worthwhile reviewing everything and deciding if there is a family member who would appreciate having something (stays in the family – but out of your home!). If not, these are just the things your storage is for.

Dated clothing, furniture, electronics, etc… 

This will be the easiest category to work with. Best to bring in a friend who is up on current trends to help you see the truth! Anything dated in your closet goes. Not all furniture becomes vintage so when it’s passed its prime, toss it. Electronics and appliances that are several years old should be recycled and replaced with new products.

Miscellaneous things you don’t really love, need, or enjoy using. 

The best advice I ever had about clothes shopping was to only buy what I really love. This is a great mantra to keep in mind when you’re moving. Anything you don’t love, need or enjoy using daily is put through the keep/toss filter. End of story.

Follow these tips well in advance of your move date.

When considering how to toss the items, consider hiring a professional junk removal service. This will cost you some money but they’ll do their best to donate your items to charity and recycle, so be sure to ask them. It’s out of sight and out of mind quickly and painlessly. This is a busy time so make things easy for yourself! Alternatively, schedule a pick-up by a local charity that regularly canvases for unwanted items in your neighborhood. You can also drop off clothing, toys and small household items to local donation centers, and don’t forget that almost everything that can’t be donated can be recycled.

Happy Moving!

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