Best Practices for Moving Furniture

Benefits of Wrapping Furniture before Moving

One of the benefits of hiring a professional mover is the knowledge and skill they have with properly wrapping your furniture in blankets and protective wrap. Wrapping furniture is a critical step that will protect valuable items from possible damage.

This ensures that your items are moved safely and without damage. An added benefit for wrapping furniture is that it also protects walls, hardwood floors, and door jams. This gives you added peace of mind.

Pictured above is Loa, our crew leader with a piano that is wrapped and ready to be moved. We first wrapped the piano in moving blankets, then reinforced the outside with cardboard and finished it with 16in.professional grade stretch wrap. The customer can now rest assure that their belongings are safe and protected in the moving truck on the way to their new home.

If you’re up to packing your belongings yourself, but need help with packing supplies, You Move Me Honolulu can get you moving boxes, tape, and everything else you need to pack like a pro. We also have a free box delivery service for our customers. No need to run around just before your move to collect your boxes!

Mover on the job
Boxes Ready to Move

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