6 Tips to Help Your Kids Cope with Moving

Moving can be an exciting time in a family’s life, while, for kids, there can be some worry around a new space in an unknown place. We (Claudine and Mark Rubin) are the married couple who own our DC franchise. We also happen to be parents who know how to handle kids during a move!

We gave some tips, which were featured on Katie Howard’s WTOP blog, to help your move with kids run smoothly.

In a nut shell:

  1. Visit your new home and your new neighbourhood (including kid-friendly spots like playgrounds, climbing trees, parks and so on) before moving day, so your kids can get excited about their new area.
  2. Explain to your kids that their stuff is just being stored until you get to your new home – it’s not getting thrown out!
  3. Keep some old furniture, like your child’s old bedroom furniture, to keep something familiar in your new home. This will help ease the transition for your kids.
  4. Keep the kids occupied on moving day by having a friend or relative look after them during the move.
  5. Ensure your kids get a chance to say goodbye to their treasured places and favorite people in our old neighbourhood.
  6. Let your kids be tour guides when guests come to visit your new home.

Read all of our tips on WTOP.com and find more tips about moving with kids on the You Move Me blog!

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