What to do While Movers are Moving

After months of planning and preparation, your moving day is finally here. As your movers get down to business, you might be tempted to keep an eagle eye on everything they’re doing. But if you really want to help, there are a few little things you can do before and during moving day that your movers will appreciate.

Ways We Protect Your Items During Your Move

One of the most important questions you might have is how your things are going to be protected during your move. Can you really trust a moving company to take the proper steps to protect your personal property, or are you better off moving yourself?

Use a map to keep you organized on Moving Day

What’s the best way to prepare for a move? Plan ahead, as far in advance as possible. By now you’ve learned how to sort, organize, declutter, pack and label, and now we’d like to give you a great tip for those who really want to be organized: make a moving day map!

Top tips for a safe winter move

We are right in the midst of winter in North America, and while some areas are feeling it more than others, the cold weather and chilly conditions definitely have an impact. Yet the rain, wind, snow and other hazardous weather doesn’t mean that we can stop going about our day-to-day lives, and this includes tasks such as moving house!

Top tips for settling into your new home

After days of hectic packing, you’ve finally moved into your new home. You are excited, but also worried whether you’ve made the right decision. There are dozens of boxes in every room and you are wondering when you will be finally able to get everything done. But don’t worry, here are our top nine tips to help you get settled into your new home as quickly and easily as possible.

Top 5 exterior home improvement projects to consider before moving

The 2014 report from the National Association of Realtors ranked exterior home improvements as among the top home improvements homeowners should consider making when trying to sell their residences. The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers notice when they visit an open house, tour your home with a real estate agent, or take an informal drive-by. Invest in these five home improvements to increase your home’s value, reduce your time to sale, and earn more for the sale of your home.

Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving into a new home can be an unnerving and exciting experience for kids. How they react to the move will depend on their personality but also on how you prepare them. You Move Me is committed to making your move an easy one. Here are 5 steps to help make the transition for your kids just as smooth.

Tips from a psychic: Avoid moving into a haunted house

There are those who believe a house can hold onto negative energy like a bad smell. Understanding energy is not a practice reserved only for physics. You’ve probably noticed some spaces have a better vibe than others. So, why is that? And what kind of homes foster the best energy?

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