Use a map to keep you organized on Moving Day

What’s the best way to prepare for a move? Plan ahead, as far in advance as possible. By now you’ve learned how to sort, organize, declutter, pack and label, and now we’d like to give you a great tip for those who really want to be organized: make a moving day map!

Organize your moving helpers. Draw a map–starting with your home’s floor plan–and indicate the following:

  • How many boxes are in each room
  • If there is any furniture that needs to be moved
  • Which rooms or items need to be moved first
  • The best route to take (useful in larger houses or apartments with multiple exits)

Here’s an example:


On this map, you can see that the boxes in the kitchen will be moved through the garage because there will already be a team trying to move both bedrooms and the living room through the front door. Try it out: create your own map, give a copy to each of your moving helpers, and see if it works for you!

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