Ways We Protect Your Items During Your Move

So you’re thinking about hiring You Move Me for your move.

During this process you have probably weighed many options and asked yourself many questions.

One of the most important questions you might have is how your things are going to be protected during your move. Can you really trust a moving company to take the proper steps to protect your personal property, or are you better off moving yourself?

We know how important your items are to you, which means your items are incredibly important to us as well.

Here is just a small list of lengths we take to protect your items!

1. When we arrive on site we use “bumpers” on all doors, internal and external to keep your furniture and belongings – as well as the doors – protected during your move.

2. Our equipment is wrapped carefully in protective blankets.

Moving Equipment

This insures that our equipment will not scratch or damage any of your items while we are moving it from one place to the next. (if you look close enough you can even see a bumper on the front door!)

3. We have the “right” type of equipment to move all of your items.

For example, pictured above are some very large rubber bands we use when moving furniture. These bands are specifically made to wrap around large items that may not close properly on their own. This will keep items from opening abruptly during the moving or transporting process.

Moving Straps

4. We wrap everything…literally EVERYTHING

Chairs to the dining room table featured below? Yes, we wrap them!


5. We secure all items to the truck, so even if you think you don’t have enough to fill a full moving truck, don’t worry about items shifting. We attach it all to the truck to avoid any movement while we are driving from one location to the next.

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