Why spring is the best season to plan your move

Spring forward and fall back may be a daylight savings time expression, but I like to think it applies quite nicely to moving. Of the tens of millions of people who move in North America each year, many have no choice as to when they move. Real estate, family, and work all join in to play a role in dictating the timeliness of a move.

What You Need to Know About Winter Moving

Does the idea of moving on a freezing cold day sound a little crazy to you? We’ll admit, winter weather doesn’t always provide ideal moving conditions, but it can actually be a good time to move.

What to Wear When You are Moving

One of the easiest ways to make moving day uncomfortable is getting too caught up in worrying about your items and forgetting to pay attention to a very important person: you! There’s nothing like trying to carry suitcases or last-minute items out of the house in flip-flops and stubbing your toe on a heavy box.

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