What to Wear When You are Moving

One of the easiest ways to make moving day uncomfortable is getting too caught up in worrying about your items and forgetting to pay attention to a very important person: you! There’s nothing like trying to carry suitcases or last-minute items out of the house in flip-flops and stubbing your toe on a heavy box. Of course, keeping your pathway clear is another tip, but what you wear during the move can really make your day more pleasant.

What to wear when you are moving

Close-toed, comfortable shoes

With ‘stuff’ out of its usual place, you never know when you might accidentally step on something sharp, run into the corner of a box, or drop something you’re carrying. The best way to avoid any of these potential hazards is to be proactive with your footwear and set aside close-toed, comfortable shoes for moving day. You may also be on your feet more than usual, so opt for runners or practical shoes that you know you can handle for long periods of time.

Comfortable clothing

Some people like to don their workout gear during a move. Others may prefer jeans and a T-shirt. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you already know is comfortable. If you are doing any of the actual moving yourself, choose pants with which you can easily bend your knees. If sweatpants and baggy tees are more your style, be careful as too much extra material is easier to snag. Choose clothes you don’t care about damaging, because you never know when something will get dirty or torn.

Weather-appropriate clothing

If you’re lifting boxes, remember that moving can be a physical workout, so if you’re getting chilly with the door wide open, wear layers that can be shed as you warm up. Use your common sense: if it’s raining, wear a coat (check the forecast a day or two before so you know what not to pack), and if it’s sunny and hot, a light shirt and shorts is all you’ll likely need (as well as plenty of water to keep you going, especially if you’ll be in a hot car. Sunglasses and a hat may help too!).

Clothing with pockets

This is the easiest way to keep track of important ‘immediate’ items, like your keys, phone and wallet. Deep pockets are best, especially if you need to disassemble a piece of furniture last minute and want to hold on to a screwdriver!

Long hair tied back

Not only does it keep distracting strands out of your face, but it’s one less thing to potentially get caught on something.

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