Tips from a psychic: Avoid moving into a haunted house

There are those who believe a house can hold onto negative energy like a bad smell. Understanding energy is not a practice reserved only for physics. You’ve probably noticed some spaces have a better vibe than others. So, why is that? And what kind of homes foster the best energy?

Maxine Friend is a professional energist who, along with conducting personal clairvoyant readings, provides space clearings for homes and businesses. We asked Maxine to provide insight into energy and what to look for when considering the energy of a new home. Here’s what we learned!

Follow the light

Maxine warns us that energy gathers in darkness and light is one of the most effective ways to rid a home of stale “energy cobwebs”. If your home doesn’t have a lot of natural light you’ll need to bring in enough artificial light to compensate. Avoid cold florescent lighting and use dimmers so you can easily set a mood that suits you. If a light is too bright you’ll rarely use it and end up sitting in the dark. Candles are another effective source of ambient lighting. Fire from the candle will also help bring balance to a space as it’s one of the natural elements. For more on how to use elements to calm your space check out Maxine’s guide to Fen Shui.

Perfect for entertaining

Bringing light into a home doesn’t just mean turning on a lamp. A house warming is a tradition that casts a joyful energy across your new space. A home that is set-up for long dinners, spontaneous dance parties or cuddly movie nights will inspire happy moments and encourage positive energy. A home with an open concept generally lends itself to comfortable entertaining.

Limited storage

Moving is the perfect time to get rid of negative clutter. What you bring into your new home will affect the existing space. Stop holding onto things that make you feel bad: old legal papers, depressing personal journals, photographs of a nasty ex, etc. Maxine asks, “Why are you memorializing the hard times in your life?”. You should be surrounded by objects that spark joy and bring peace to your home. Clutter will also make it harder to clear the energy of a home, so before you get started on your energy cleanse – dejunk! Our sister company, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has some awesome decluttering tips that help make this part easy. You can also see our You Move Me post that helps you decide what to get rid of before you move.

For a complete 10 step guide to cleansing the energy of your home, please see Maxine Friend’s blog at

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