Keep your home and belongings protected while moving

Moving often results in having your valuables and belongings in several places at once, including your new home, old home, or multiple vehicles. You also have several people that are in and out of your home, so it remains imperative to keep your home and belongings secure during a move.

This will help to ensure that nothing gets stolen, so you can focus on setting into your new home.

Maintain your old property.

Vacant homes are attractive to criminals. If you move out of your old home while it is still on the market, make sure to maintain the property. Keep up with landscaping until the home is sold. This will prevent burglars from trespassing. The key is to make the home look like it is still occupied.

In addition, ask old neighbors to keep an eye on your home. If they notice any suspicious activity, they can alert law enforcement for you.

Keep your valuables with you.

Important documents, expensive jewelry, and other important items should always be kept with you during the moving process. This will ensure that they do not end up in the wrong hands or go missing.

Even if you keep your belongings in a safe, make sure the safe stays with you at all times. Portable safes can easily be stolen.

Label rooms not items.

You may not need to have electronics or fine china in your possession while moving. Label cardboard boxes with what room they are going to rather than what is in it. This will prevent temptation of theft if people don’t know what is inside.

Keep an inventory list of all of your items so you can easily check if anything is missing once you are in your new home.

Keep doors locked.

Only keep a couple of doors open at a time during the moving process. You want to be able to control who is entering your new and old home and when. Any doors that aren’t being used should be left locked to prevent break-ins or theft.

Once you are moved into your new home, change the exterior locks. This will prevent anyone who had access to the home from getting in.

Install a home security system.

Having a security system before you move in will prevent theft and intruders during the moving process. Many home security companies have moving policies that allow you to move your home security system or get a new one in your new residence for little to no cost. Consult with your home security company prior to your move so you know your options.

Even if you did not have a home security system before, it is the best way to protect you and your family. Once you are settled in, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is already protected.

The moving process is challenging and stressful, but with these tips, you can feel comfortable knowing that your belongings and new home are safe and secure.

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