You Move Me moves stone cast of fossils for Denver Waldorf School

You Move Me Denver was asked to take on an unusual charity move this week by the Denver Waldorf School. They asked us if we could move a large stone cast of fossils from a property management office to the school at no cost.

The school wanted the fossils to be someplace where they could be appreciated by all who see it.

Move a large stone cast of fossils

We were happy to take on the move. We think that Denver’s kids (and parents!) shouldn’t be deprived of the opportunity to see this beautiful stone cast. The stone cast was too heavy (500 lbs) for normal people to move it safely, and it had a reported value of $20K.

We ensured that the fossils can be found right in front of the main entrance to the school, and that it has been safely anchored into the wall so it cannot fall over.

We feel the stone cast goes hand in hand with the Waldorf’s school philosophy which is: “Founded on Rudolf Steiner’s humanitarian curriculum, The Denver Waldorf School awakens and inspires students’ critical thinking, emotional intelligence and artistic expression, preparing them to bring relevant contributions to the world. The focus of our work is the development of the whole human being. To further this aim, we strive to provide a beautiful, cohesive campus that radiates learning, working, and playing while attracting and expanding full and diverse enrollment supported by abundant resources. We enthusiastically work and serve in the world community as stewards of social renewal.”

We moved it, moved it safely and all involved are happy!

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