You Move Me Kansas City’s top packing tips

Your favorite movers in Kansas City, Josh Herron and Tyler Staszak appeared on Fox 4 News to give people who are moving in Kansas City the lo down on how to pack fragile items, plants, and how to load up a moving truck safely.

Follow these tips from the pros to save money and do it yourself for your move:

Best way to pack a wine glass

Josh gave the following tips on how to pack a wine glass, while Tyler demonstrated. Never break a wine glass when moving agian by doing the following:

  • Lay your glass down flat on its side, and wrap packing paper around it carefully.
  • While you’re wrapping the glass, ensure to stuff the paper inside the bowl of the glass, and around the lip (the most breakable part). This is crucial for protecting your glassware!
  • Re-roll the glass in an extra sheet of paper once you’ve wrapped it once. This gives it some extra cushioning against other glasses when you place it in the box.

Tips for packing wine glasses in a box

  1. When putting glasses in a box, cover the bottom of the box with crumpled paper first.
  2. Don’t lay your wrapped glass on its side, ensure its standing straight up when you put it in the box.

Best way to pack a coffee mug

Wine glasses aren’t the only fragile thing you’re likely to pack when moving. Think about coffee cups. If you pack coffee mugs incorrectly, their handles are easily broken. Follow Josh and Tylers’ tips for keeping your mugs safe during your move by packing them properly:

  • When packing a coffee mug, wrap the mug in packing paper taking extra care to fill the hole between the handle and mug with packing paper
  • Always wrap glasses and coffee mugs in two layers of paper
  • You can never use enough paper when you’re packing glasses.

How to pack plants

Plants can die easily during moving because you’re changing their environment. Josh explained how plants need extra special care during packing and moving, and how protect them through proper packing:

  • Put plants in an open-top box
  • Use individual, crumpled up pieces of paper to support the plants, keeping them from moving around too much during the move
  • Get them out of the vehicle as quickly as possible and in to your new home.

Loading up the truck

Josh explained that most things get broken in the truck due to improper loading and securing. Keeping yourself (and your stuff) safe by loading up the truck properly with Josh and Tyler’s truck loading tips:

  • Always use moving blankets / moving pads to protect your furniture, and shrink wrap the pads on to your items for extra protection.
  • Use neoprene shields on hardwood floors and carpet to protect your floors or carpet as your moving things out of your house.
  • Load heavy items in to your truck first.
  • Strap down heavy items down so that they don’t move around when you’re on the road.
  • Use special wardrobe boxes for your garments to protect from the elements and any dustry furniture that’s in the truck.

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