What type of moving insurance is for you?

One of the biggest advantages of moving with a licensed mover in Vancouver, WA is that your precious belongings are insured by at least a basic level of insurance.

If you move with an unlicensed moving company, your items are not covered by any type of insurance, and you have no recourse if your items are damaged, lost, or stolen.

There are three types of moving insurance movers in Vancouver Washington can obtain to best protect your items during your move.

Which type of moving insurance is for you?

Basic Value Protection Insurance

Basic Value Protection Insurance is the level of liability all licensed movers must assume when moving customers.

Licensed movers must provide this to all consumers at no charge.

Basic Value Protection insurance provides a basic level of insurance of 60 cents per pound for damaged items.

Replacement Cost Coverage with Deductible

The second type of insurance consumers can opt is replacement cost less a $300 deductible.

So if an item is damaged and costs $1000 to repair or replace, the consumer receives $700. This type of insurance usually costs about $1 per $100 in value insured.

Replacement Cost Coverage Moving Insurance

The third type, and the most comprehensive coverage for moving insurance in Washington, is replacement cost moving insurance.

With this type of insurance, items are repaired or replaced with no deductible. This Insurance is costs around $1.20 to $1.40 per $100 insured.

Certain types of items like art and collectibles are excluded from coverage. Find out more about items that are not covered by moving insurance.

Moving insurance limitations

Unfortunately, both types of replacement cost insurance require that all of the items being moved are insured. This means you couldn’t just cover your expensive items (like just insuring your piano) to save on insurance.

There are also limits on the value that can be placed on the items (usually around $5/pound or $7/cubic foot).

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