When do you have to pay for your mover’s travel time

Did you know that when you are moving in Vancouver WA, there are certain times your mover is required to charge for their travel time, and other times where they are not allowed to charge at all?

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC), which regulates Household Good movers, specifies when movers are to start the clock on their hourly billing based on whether they have a signed estimate or not.

People moving in Vancouver do not have to pay for travel time (the time it takes movers to get from their office to the customers home) if they don’t already have a written and signed estimate. Moving companies are not allowed to start charging until the customer agrees to the estimate.

But if you are in Vancouver, and you have already had a mover provide an estimate, then the law states that they are required to charge you for their travel time to your house on moving day.

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