When Nature Calls

It’s your big moving day and things are getting underway. Your movers have arrived and have started to pack the truck, when a thought occurs to you. “Bathrooms? What if one of them has to go?” You wonder to yourself, “what is the proper etiquette in this situation?”

While there really is no industry wide procedure in this scenario, we have some helpful guidelines and tips we’d love to share with you to make your moving experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible!

Let’s talk about it!

The best way to establish boundaries and set the mood for the day is to communicate your expectations with the moving team. If you are comfortable with the prospect of your movers using your washroom, let them know from the get-go! By offering the use of your facilities from the start, you establish a friendly rapport with the team that will translate into easy and comfortable communication for the rest of your move, as well as relieves the anxiety your movers may feel about broaching the subject. If you have just cleaned and are prepared to leave the space for good, you can also offer alternative spaces for the team to go, such as a nearby coffee shop or store. Whether it is a yay or nay to using your commode, communicating your wishes to the team will ensure your movers can focus on the task at hand, rather than worrying about where to go while doing the awkward toilet two-step.

Manners Make The Move

Although you can set the stage by chatting with with your movers at the beginning of the day, it should also be an expectation that the team you hired displays some basic manners. If it hasn’t already been established, it is more than reasonable to assume that your movers will ask if they may use your washroom before heading in. It is important to hire movers you can trust will respect you and your space and would act in a way you could expect from any house guest. If you won’t be present at the time of your move, then it is important to resort to the abovementioned suggestion to talk it over with the team before you head out to ensure your boundaries are respected.

Trust Your Team

One of the most important things to consider when deciding on a moving company, is what kind of experience are you looking for. If you would have concerns with the movers using your washrooms, then you may have similar unease with the movers themselves that are being sent to your home, both old and new; if they won’t respect your bathroom what about your priceless heirloom dresser! You Move Me strives to provide you with kind, polite and respectful movers in order to give you peace of mind on what can be a very stressful day. Sourcing a company that will provide you will movers that will easily communicate, respect your boundaries and mind your space will eliminate the nervousness you may be feeling so you can focus on the important aspects of the day, like where you’re going to order take out from that night!

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