Moving checklist for packing the garage

We know there can be a lot of questions on the best way to pack up tools, or how to prepare your lawn mower for a move. There are a lot of things in the garage that may have particular moving needs. You Move Me has compiled a moving checklist for packing your garage items, and we hope it will take care of some of your questions or concerns.

Before you even start packing your garage, or any other room in your home, minimize what you already have. What better time to go through your items than when you are moving? The more things you have, the more you will have to move. Hold a garage sale or hire a company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to get rid of unwanted items. Once you have gone through everything, take a look at the rest of this checklist to help you pack your garage with ease.

Packing gas powered items

Consider the following when preparing to move items like lawn mowers, chainsaws, and weed eaters:

  • Drain gas: This will alleviate the chance of your items leaking during transit.
  • Cover items that have sharp edges.
  • Remove all accessories and pack them in moving boxes.

How to pack tools

Secure small tools together in a toolbox or a small packing box.

  • Latch all drawers of your toolbox. If there are no latches, secure drawers by wrapping the toolbox tightly in moving wrap.
  • Wrap all large items (like rakes, shovels, and long handled garden tools) together in moving wrap.

Packing tips for other garage items

  • Safely dispose of items that can be hazardous to transport, such as pesticides, paint, oil and gas.
  • Clean all garbage cans if you plan to take them with you. You can also pack small items in the garbage cans if they seal. Keep in mind, you won’t want to put anything heavy in them!
  • If you have patio furniture, remove all padding, clean the frame well and try to compact the furniture. Close chairs if possible, and remove umbrellas.

This packing checklist should cover most common garage items that need to be moved. Please call us or book online to schedule your appointment today. We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding your moving needs.

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