Moving and The Mustard Seed: Donation Campaign


You Move Me Vancouver Island is dedicated to improving the lives of Vancouver Island residents not only through our friendly, professional moving services, but also through our involvement within our community.

You Move Me has been a proud partner of The Mustard Seed for three years and our team has enjoyed the opportunities we’ve had to volunteer and assist with their various fundraising events. This year, You Move Me wants to help The Mustard Seed at a time when their food banks could use a little extra help.

Following the amazing Christmas season, (a time when the food bank gets a much needed boost), The Mustard Seed often has a significant drop in donations as the giving season is over and people are focusing on the New Year. Running from January through until April 2017, You Move Me Vancouver Island is offering people a chance to save money on their  move, while giving back to the community!

During one of our moves, or while we are in the processes of packing, You Move Me will be accepting small boxes of donated food items, or kitchen supplies that we will deliver to The Mustard Seed, free of charge! For one donated box, You Move Me will take $50 off of the move, and for each additional box donated we will give $50 gift cards you can pay forward to a friend or use on a future move. If you are feeling extra generous, you can donate your $50 off back to the Mustard Seed to help fund their newly expanded donations warehouse.

For more information on donating through You Move Me Vancouver Island or to book an estimate for your next move, visit our website for all the details.

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