Moving checklist: prepare for your move

Get ready for your move with a moving checklist

Getting ready to move and don’t know where to start? Here’s a checklist that should help you feel well prepared to move in Beaverton, OR.

About one month before you move

  • Research moving companies
  • Obtain estimates (make sure they give you information on what kind of insurance they offer, and always keep in mind that even if they offer the cheapest price it doesn’t mean you’ll get the best service)
  • Arrange to rent a storage unit if needed
  • Begin gathering packing supplies (your moving company may be able to pack if you choose to do that as well)
  • Notify the post office of upcoming address change.

About one week before you move

  • Contact electric, water, gas, telephone, and garbage companies to notify them of your disconnection date
  • Downsize – Go through your items, donate what you don’t want or hold a garage sale to sell items you no longer need. Remember, the less you have, the less you will have to unpack!
  • Begin packing (unless you are having your moving company do this for you)
  • Drain fuel from your lawn mower and other machinery to prepare it for moving day (leaks don’t go over well).

A few days before you move

  • Prepare major appliances and electronics for moving day
  • Pack a suitcase or two with clothing and toiletries for easy access during the first few days in your new home
  • Pack a box with essentials that you will need immediately after you move
  • Finish off the last of the perishable food items.

The day of the move

  • Verify the movers are the ones you hired, and that they have the correct delivery address
  • Gather all keys and leave them with your realtor or in a designated area
  • Once the house is empty, check every room and closet one last time to make sure nothing is left behind
  • Before you leave your home, make sure all doors and windows are securely locked.

This should be a great place to start preparing for your move. You Move Me Beaverton is a full service moving company. Call us today if you have any other questions regarding your move.

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