How to move a hot tub into a basement…through the basement window

We’ve been doing some work with a local company called the Finished Basement Company here in Denver. They work with clients who are refinishing their basements, and we help their clients move big and heavy items – like heavy hot tubs and a 440 pound Jukebox – out of the way, or back in to the basement once the renovations are complete.

One of their clients had a 250 pound copper Japanese soaking tub that needed to be brought in to a finished basement. The catch? It was too big to be brought in to the basement through the house.

Look at this gorgeous tub:

How to move a hot tub

After a quick survey of the situation, we determined that the easiest way to get the soaking tub in to the basement would be through the basement window. We took some photos to show you how to go about getting a large, heavy item into a tight space:

Wrap the item securely so that it doesn’t get damaged

How to move a hot tub

We rolled the hot tub in moving blankets and secured the blankets with heavy duty packing tape.

We also took the opportunity to secure ropes around the hot tub because we’ll need them later to help lower it in to the basement through the window.

Ensure you have enough strong movers to lift the item safely to the window

Lift tub

To lift a heavy item properly, you don’t just need good technique (lift from your knees, not with your back), you also need enough strong people so that you can easily maneuver the item without losing control.

Lower the item slowly and carefully through the window

Move tub

We ensured that one of our You Move Me movers was in the basement to help guide the soaking tub from the bottom, while the rest of the team was outside, slowly lowering the hot tub using the ropes we secured to it earlier.

It’s also a good idea to line the window with moving blankets so that nothing gets damaged – the soaking tub, or the window.

Gently lift the item in to the basement, and take it to its proper spot

Tub in the basement

We were so glad we could get this beautiful soaking tub in to the finished basement with no damage to the tub, or the newly renovated windows and walls. As professionals, we truly pride ourselves on a complicated move well executed. We hope the client enjoys their tub in their new, cool, basement.

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