How to Pack a Kitchen for Moving

Packing a Kitchen Transcript:

“At You Move Me, our movers are trained on how to properly pack a kitchen, and often times customers who may be packing the rest of their house may come to us and say “Hey, we would like your help in packing our kitchen”.

When packing a kitchen for moving, one of the things we want to do is make sure that everything is protected properly. If you’re packing plates, for example, you want to have them not stacked, but held vertically, so that they’re straight.

We also want to make the glasses are individually wrapped, and want to make sure we use the right type of box, so that it can withstand the weight of the glasses. We want to make sure that the boxes aren’t overpacked, so that they, again, won’t be either too heavy to move, or cause damage during the shipping.

When our crews come on-site to assist our homeowners with packing, they’re going to be able to very professionally load everything in the proper manner.”

How to Pack a Kitchen for Moving:

  • Wrap all your dishes, plates, and glasses.
  • Pack your plates upright in boxes, not stacked.
  • Pack your glasses in kitchen glass boxes, individually wrapped.
  • Ensure the boxes aren’t too heavy or overloaded before packing in the moving truck.

How to Pack Pots & Pans When Moving:

  1. Use a large box for any pots and pans.
  2. Place a layer of crumpled newspaper or packaging peanuts at the bottom of the box.
  3. Take the largest pot or pan, and place the smaller-sized pot within it, pushing down the packing material. Continue to follow the same steps.
  4. Once a set is stacked, place newspaper to cover the top.
  5. Continue until you’ve filled the box or it’s reached a reasonable weight.

How to Pack Spices When Moving:

  1. Wrap spices, condiments, and oils together.
  2. Place in a plastic bag, and ducktape the top to eliminate spills.
  3. Pack into a small box. Label “perishable”.

How to Pack Knives for Moving:

  1. Take all of the butter knives and group them together in one pile. Do the same for butter and steak knives.
  2. If you have chef’s and/ or carving knives, it’s best to separate them for separate packing.
  3. Prepare a small moving box with newpaper on the bottom.
  4. Wrap each kitchen knife individually with newspaper.
  5. Secure rolls of 3-4 knives each by wrapping packing tape around a bundle.
  6. Place knive bundles into moving box. Label “kitchen knives.”

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