A Love Letter to Denver

Coming up with reasons we love Denver – that’s a tall order (okay, not really, but we just had to get that dad joke out into the world, because, you know, it’s the Mile High City… get it? Oh, never mind…we’ll see ourselves out). 

Honestly, though, Denver is a city that’s so, so easy to love and enjoy. 

Whether you’re visiting, deciding whether to put down roots or enjoying the life of a long-time resident, there’s something in Denver for you. We’ve put together some of the top reasons we love being a part of the Denver community, and why we think you will too. 

In Denver, every season is prettier than the last

Snow-crested, majestic mountains on the horizon. Blooming fields of sunflower and alpine trails filled with wildflowers. Sun-kissed hiking trails and white-crested river rapids. And, of course, magnificently multi-colored fall foliage. 

Some people love living in coastal areas where there are no real seasons and the weather has an eternal sameness. In Denver, we love the ability to enjoy the seasons and to experience our city in a new way each time we enter a new chapter of the year. With around 245 days of sunshine a year, Denver is famously one of the sunniest cities in the United States. We might be a little biased, but the truth is – you will only know real beauty when you see the golden light peaking through the clouds over the Rocky Mountains.

One little caveat: when your region has defined seasons, you do need a little more variation in your wardrobe; you can’t really dress beach chic all year round. Fortunately, when it comes to moving, you won’t have to relocate those extra boxes of parkas and ski suits by yourself; that’s what we’re here to do

Outdoor Exploration Is a Must-Do

With the variety of seasons to delight in, it makes sense that outdoor exploration is one of our favorite things about Denver. 

Whether you have a week, a weekend, an afternoon or even a lunch break, you can refresh and re-energize in one of Denver’s restorative outdoor spaces. 

City Park and the Denver Botanic Gardens are easily accessible for an afternoon walk or a weekend morning’s exploration. They’re enjoyable for adults on their own as well as for families with young children. For example, the Botanic Gardens includes 24 acres for exploration and has a children’s garden. City Park boasts more than 300 acres of lakes, trails and outdoor spaces, as well as the zoo and number of local museums. 

Going beyond the city limits, you can enjoy river rafting or take a trek through Rocky Mountain National Park’s 350 miles of hiking trails, lake activities and scenic beauty. And, of course, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard of our breathtaking and acoustically magnificent local amphitheater, Red Rocks

We cannot talk about Denver without mentioning the several world-class ski resorts nearby. So whether your thing is to be out there chasing that adrenaline rush of sliding down a mountain, just having some family-friendly fun in the snow, or enjoying that breathtaking view from the peak with a cup of hot chocolate, know that it’s all within reach when you live here.

You’ll Never Go Hungry (or Thirsty)

Denver might not have invented the food truck, but this city has perfected the art of finding great food everywhere you turn. 

From the Civic Center Eats food truck park that regularly hosts 20 or so trucks, to the numerous farm to table restaurants around town, Denver’s food scene is hard to miss and impossible to resist. 

And, thankfully, the city continues to support restaurants in their quest to serve patrons safely in the wake of COVID-19. The city has allowed dining venues additional flexibility when it comes to outdoor dining space, so people can social distance but still patronize and support small businesses. 

Oh, and if you’re looking for something to wash down all those fantastic flavors, Denver has you covered. Sometimes called the “Napa of beer,” Denver is home to more than 70 breweries – giving you plenty of options to toast with once you celebrate your move to our fair city.  

The Neighbors Are Pretty Excellent. 

Remember back in high school when you maybe wanted to be part of the cool crowd, or to find your own just-right group? 

It might not have been easy to create those connections in high school, but it is in Denver, because the people are interesting and successful (Denver has one of the most educated populations in the US) and… thankfully… friendly. You can find your own group, whether you love outdoor sports and exploration, music, art or something else completely different. 

Denver residents are well known for leading the nation in their support of the arts, which means we’re all able to benefit from the city’s renowned museums (we love them all, but favor the Kirkland) watch Broadway shows at the Denver Performing Arts Center or take a exploratory journey through the city’s multiple art districts

And, did we mention Denver Arts Week, pretty much the best block party and neighbor gathering imaginable? If you want to get to know your Denver neighbors, the Arts Week First Friday Walks give you a chance to see great art, eat and drink some of the best local creations and connect with like-minded folks from around the area. 

If art’s not your thing, don’t worry. You might have heard – we have some pretty good sports teams here too. If you love the Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies or Avalanche, you’ll always be able to find a friend to hang out with you and catch a game. Denver’s also home to MLS soccer (the Rapids); professional lacrosse and rugby; and the full range of men’s and women’s collegiate sports through the University of Denver. 

Oh, and speaking of good neighbors, how many cities can brag about hosting a neighbor as unique as this big blue guy? Our friendly neighborhood bear, located outside the Denver Convention Center, definitely injects a little interest and fun into a visit to Denver’s downtown area. 

And So Are the Neighborhoods

We obviously love Denver and are happy to make our homes here. If you’re falling in love just by reading this article, we have good news for you. Not only are your neighbors pretty great, the neighborhoods are fantastic as well. Denver’s neighborhoods each have their own unique personality and a collection of eclectic homes to fit anyone’s tastes. 

If you’re looking for urban and artsy, LoDo is the spot for you. Into historic charm? You’ll want to check out the stately mansions of yesteryear in Capitol Hill or the cozy cottages of Highland. 

Want to find a neighborhood full of quaint homes and trendy eateries? Denver has that too. And, plenty of neighborhoods bring together a vibrant combination of old and new, too, so you don’t have to pick just one vibe. 

If someone asked us what makes Denver special, we’d have to say it’s not just one thing. It’s everything. Denver brings together the best in people, in communities, in arts and in exploration. 

Does this sound like a place you want to be? We’d love to be your welcoming committee as you move to the city (or to a new neighborhood within the city). And, guess what? We’ll even bring you coffee. 

If you’re planning to move to Denver, we can help. Contact us and let’s talk about working together to get you settled here in the Mile High City ASAP. 

Photo by Andrew Coop.

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