Donating your furniture during a move in the GTA

We try to stay organized, but always seem to end up storing things we don’t need. Most people probably don’t realize how much they’re holding onto until they’re about to move. It doesn’t make sense to pay to move stuff you don’t use, so you need to get rid of it.

Selling things online is always an option, but it means you’ll have to take the time to organize pick up times on your own. Donating items is ideal, but it usually requires you load up a truck and drop it off. Neither option is very convenient.

This is exactly why You Move Me has partnered with Furniture Bank—we want to make it easier and more rewarding for you to find a home for your furniture.

Furniture Bank provides free furniture to families in need. Since 1998, over 80,000 previously homeless or displaced people and families have been able to create homes of their very own, thanks to furniture donations like yours. If you’ve got furniture in good condition, we’ll take it!

When you move with You Move Me, we’ll get you moved into your new home, and then transfer any gently used, quality housewares and furniture you want to donate directly to Furniture Bank for only $100. After your move, you’ll get a tax receipt in the amount of the fair market value of your donated items. And, of course, your move will cost less overall, since you’ll be moving less stuff! It’s a great way to help those in need, while also making your move a little easier on you.

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