Your moving day playlist

It may be the last thing on your mind, but consider packing your MP3 player or stereo last. Why? Because you’ve put together a moving day playlist that will either energize you, help you de-stress, or both.

Music can completely change the atmosphere, and a relaxed you is a happy you! Whether you put together a personal playlist you listen to through one headphone (best to keep the other ear open so you can communicate with housemates or movers) or you have a speaker set up to blast tunes everyone enjoys, add ‘create a moving day playlist’ to the end of your moving to-do list.


Calm playlist

If you think you’ll get overwhelmed by the moving experience, create a calm playlist to sooth your nerves while you transition your items. Some prefer smooth jazz or classical, and some prefer soft rock; whatever your ideal genre, put on something slow and light to create an air of calm in the house.

Energy playlist

Need to get pumped up? Throw on some loud and fast tunes to get your blood moving! Put on some of your favorite songs to sing along to (provided anyone else who’s moving also likes singing along to those songs!). You’ll have so much fun you might even forget about stress for a while.

Comedy playlist

Put on your favorite comedian’s albums and laugh all the way to your new home. Of course, you’re probably in a hurry to get the move over with, and listening to someone tell jokes could distract you and slow you down (you might also miss a lot of the jokes). However, if you need a good laugh to help you de-stress during your move, this is a great option!

teddy bear move

Need some suggestions to get started?┬áCheck out Moveline’s ‘home’-themed songs for your moving day playlist!

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