Your best yard sale yet!

Made a resolution to declutter? To live a cleaner, more efficient and simple life? Well baby, it’s still cold outside…so stay in and get at it! Week by week, month by month, begin to gather up your forgotten, your ill-fitting, your ‘so last year’ clothing and appliances, and stock up for your greatest yard sale ever.

Stocking Up

Slow and steady wins the race. One of my new favorites is courtesy of Miss Minimalist who says, “One a day keeps the clutter away”. This strategy will net you 152 items from January 1 until the dawn of June’s first warm breeze, and that is what I would call a strong start. Don’t forget to give each item a clean and tweak before boxing it up – that way it will be ready to go come sale day.


Oh, how I love to be prepared. To be prepared is to look calm, confident and like you’re having a great time. A person can better handle a little unforeseen duress if all the other bases are well covered.

You’ll need to save your date, mindful of holidays and local events so as to maximize your potential customer base. You may even need a permit! It won’t hurt to do a little sniffing around, check with your local city hall, or neighborhood council.

You’ll also have to spread the good word! Post on community boards at grocery stores, libraries, tennis courts and pools, not to mention the free virtual advertising boards like Craigslist, Facebook and the myriad of others available online.

It may behoove you to check out your competition before the big day. Hit a couple of sales around town to see what works well, and how people are pricing things. Get to know the game!

Lead Up

A week or two out from your sale, take stock of your stock. Group similar things together, and price EVERY item.

Check out what you have and what you can borrow to display your wares. Tables, bookcases, clothes racks, anything to keep some of the product off of the ground. The ideal would be to set yourself up so it’s easy, even and pleasant for people to peruse and purchase.

And people will purchase! Have a good float ready. A good portion of this should be smaller change. Anywhere from 50 up to a hundred bucks worth would be well advised, depending on the size and price of your inventory.

Almost There

Mow the lawn, hose down the driveway, and start making some signs. Make them simple and make them sharp, so someone passing at 50km/hr can pick out your vitals.

Also, think about drawing out a rough floor plan of the sale. Will you put some bigger, hot ticket items out front to draw in the crowds?

Sale Day!

Start with a good breakfast. Be fully set up and ready to go on the appointed hour. Lock your house, and keep your money on you at all times.

Bring out an extension cord, so buyers can test your old lamps, and set up a speaker to pipe in some pleasant tunes.
You’ve put such a great effort into drawing in your customers, so be ready to work hard, keep moving, but most importantly, enjoy yourself. It’s a yard sale, not a final exam!

Oh, and be a good neighbor. Take down your signs once your sale is over!

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