Your moving day essentials box

Moving days often start early and can be very hectic. Now that we are headed into the winter months, daylight can be limited and and the weather conditions can be both cold and temperamental. Throw in the upcoming holiday season and it’s a veritable moving can of worms!

With so many things to keep in mind, it can be easy to forget certain small, but essential items. And nothing can be more frustrating that going into your first night at your new house without the small comfort pieces we so often take for granted.

This is why we recommend putting together an “Essentials Box” a week prior to moving. This way you are prepared in advance and don’t have to worry about getting things together either the night before or the morning of your move.

Just remember to have someone pack it in your car prior to leaving for the new place!

Items to include:


It’s always helpful to have a few rolls of toilet paper, dish soap, and a dish towel on hand. It will save you the hassle of needing to make a run to the drug store during the day. If you want to get super specific, be sure to bring that moisturizer you love to use, or a face wash that helps you sleep. These types of items can be a great way to feel settled on your first night. Lastly, if you or your children wear mouthguards be sure they are not only packed, but not lost on your way to the new home!

Beverages and snacks

Pack healthy snacks (granola bars, trail mix, and dried fruit), as well as bottled water and instant coffee (if you need a midday energy boost!) If the day is particularly cold make some hot chocolate that can be shared amongst your family. If you have the time, a few packed sandwiches will make for a healthy and substantial lunch. Also don’t forget to include plates and cutlery if you’re planning on eating anything substantial.


Don’t get caught in the dark! Be sure to pack a flashlight and portable tool kit. Some candles and a box of matches will also be helpful in the case of a power outage or if your electrical is not yet set up. A pair of scissors or pocket knight will help you open your sealed boxes, which there will be plenty!


Pack a change of clothes for all family members. Especially if the weather is cold and rainy, you will want to have something warm and dry to put on as you settle into your new place. Bring a set of pyjamas for any little ones – they will be tired after a long day of moving, and they too will want to be comfortable.

Important records

Put passports, birth certificates, and other sensitive information and records in a sealable plastic bag and keep them on hand. Knowing where they are during the move provides strong peace of mind. Also this way, if you need to access any of this information on the day of the move it is easily accessible.

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