Tips for packing your kitchen

When moving and packing in Portland, the kitchen can be one of the most stressful areas of your home to pack. There are many different items to figure out how to pack. Here are a few tips that should help make the process of packing your kitchen a little simpler.


Go through your kitchen and decide what you do and don’t want. Donating and Recycling the items you no longer need will keep you from having to pack unnecessary items.

Be prepared

You will need packing supplies including; varies box sizes, large boxes for odd shaped kitchen appliances and large items, small to medium boxes for dishes, utensils, and other miscellaneous items, paper or bubble wrap for the fragile items, packing tape to securely seal your box and a marker or pen to label the boxes once they have been sealed.

Protect your breakables

When packing plates, bowls and other breakables, start with a layer of paper in your box for cushioning, wrap all items with 1-2 pieces of paper, and nest your items. Pack your boxes tightly and fill any gaps in the box with paper.

Pack your pantry

When packing your pantry, seal all open boxes of dried or canned food. Make sure you pack anything that can spill in plastic first to protect any of the other items in the box. You will also probably want to eat or dispose of any perishable items before the day of your move to avoid anything spoiling.


The only thing that can be as tedious as packing for a move is unpacking. Save your unpacking-self some time, be specific when labeling, use more than just “kitchen” to describe what is in your boxes. Some examples would be “kitchen- pots and pans” or “kitchen-plates”

Once you have followed these five steps and packed your kitchen you have finished the hardest room in the house to pack!

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