Tips for packing and moving your outdoor furniture

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we know your outdoor furniture is valuable to you. You don’t always get to use it, but when you do, it’s amazing! Our team of native northwesterners at You Move Me in Vancouver, WA have put together some tips and tricks to help you pack and move your outdoor furniture!

  • Keep items clean (and leave the dirt behind) – We all know outdoor furniture can get dirty; it’s exposed to the elements, after all. Take the time to clean outdoor items before packing so you can just unpack and enjoy them in your new home.
  • Check furniture for ‘surprises’ – Make sure there are no bugs or critters stowed away somewhere!
  • Disassemble and wrap well – Some patio furniture can be tricky. For example, glass table tops should be wrapped carefully and stored securely to avoid breakage.
  • Pack properly – A crucial part of moving is a proper packing technique. Secure all loose items. Consider putting all hardware in a storage bag and taping the storage bag to the item that it belongs with; this way, you can find it right way when unpacking. Remove all padding from your patio chairs and table, and pack separately.
  • Protect your plants – Moving can take a toll on your plants. Prepare delicate plants by packing them in lined boxes with ventilation holes. To avoid breakage, any plants that need to be tied up should be secured in the direction branches are already growing.
  • Empty it all out – When packing and moving outdoor play equipment, always remember to empty and clean out any sandboxes or water toys. Disassemble play structures for easier moving.

To avoid injury, take care to properly lift and load heavy items into your moving truck (bend from the knees, wear close-toed shoes, and avoid physical labor if you have any existing injuries).

If you’re looking for any further guidance on moving or packing your outdoor furniture, give You Move Me a call today (or you can go online and book your free estimate) so we can take care of your outdoor moving and packing needs!

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