Three Tips for Easy Moving in San Diego

We get it – moving isn’t fun. And because San Diego is so beautiful year round, it’s even less fun to move when you live here. Instead of being outside enjoying the sun, the beach and all that San Diego has to offer, you’re stuck inside trying to figure out how to organize all your stuff and prepare for your move.

The more prepared you are, the less stressful moving day will be – and the less stressful your first days in your new home will be.

It’s worth it to put in the time, but that’s not to say it has to be a ton of time or that it has to consume your life! There are a couple of tips we have learned over the years from talking to clients that can make the process less burdensome and stressful.

Have a plan

The fear of the unknown is often worse than the actual process. Have a checklist and a timeline for each task. Getting organized in your own head is the first step to getting organized in your home, your move, and beyond.

Break up projects into small, manageable tasks

It’s harder to get motivated to start on a project when the project seems daunting. However, smaller, easier tasks you can finish in 15 minutes to an hour look manageable and are more likely to get accomplished. And they make it easier to find ways to use any spare time effectively.

For example, ‘pack the house’ is not a good action item. It’s large, nebulous, and impossible to ‘do’ in any given block of time. Which means you are less likely to do it. ‘Pack the linens in the spare bedroom’ is the sort of thing that looks manageable and can be accomplished in a short block of time. 

The great thing about small tasks is that they provide momentum. Once you complete one task with little to no trouble, it’s easier to jump into another. The next thing you know, you’ve made it through multiple tasks and you’re well on the way to reaching your overall goal.

Do something every day, even if it’s small 

It’s easy for move day to sneak up on you. Forcing yourself to complete at least one task every day not only gets things done, but it keeps you focused on what else needs to happen and how much time is left. You’ll gain momentum once you’ve started, so prepping every day is a chance every day to capture that momentum.

This should be a great place to start preparing for your move. You Move Me San Diego is a full service moving company. Call us today if you have any other questions regarding your move!

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