The Ongoing Debate – City Living vs the Suburbs

Most everyone, sometime during their life, wonders about the merits of “city vs suburban” living. For me, when I was young and looking for my first apartment, the choice of where to live was simple – the CITY. I firmly believed that only the city could offer the excitement and amenities that fit the lifestyle I wanted. 

As I grew older and married, there was a gradual shift in opinion about where I (WE) wanted to live. The suburbs started looking pretty attractive as a place to raise a family. Ultimately, the pull of suburbia was too strong to ignore. We moved to a subdivision where we built our first house. We have enjoyed living there ever since.

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When deciding whether to live in the city or suburb, here are some things to consider:

Renting vs Owning

The suburbs generally offer better deals for those desiring to own their own home. These homes usually offer more square footage and yard space than downtown apartments or condos.


If there are children in your family, you have to consider the quality of the schools. If you are in the city, private schools can be expensive. What are the costs and are they worth it for your family?

Social Life

Here, the city often comes out ahead. The city offers tons of options to socialize. Restaurants, theaters, and sports venues abound. And, there often isn’t a need for a car to get to these venues. Suburban living, on the other hand, usually requires driving. Nearby social activities may be limited and few.

Cost of living

Cost of living differences can be great. If children are part of the family mix, suburban living may definitely be cheaper. In large cities, downtown living can be extremely expensive with ever-soaring rents. Parking is expensive if you have to have a car.

In the end, deciding where to live is a very personal lifestyle choice. Whatever the case, count on You Move Me to get you there. Give us a call to see why we are the preferred moving company in Indianapolis.

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