The Tetris Effect – Moving Boxes and What Goes Where

What’s all this nonsense about different types of boxes? Does it actually make a difference what goes where as long as everything makes it to the new home?

The answer to this question is, definitely, yes. Further, having different boxes for your move is more than just scrawling ‘Kitchen’ or ‘Bathroom’ on them so you know what goes where. First, box design is be essential for preventing damage. All those items loaded haphazardly into the same giant box might seem like less of a hassle at first – but only at first. When you land at the new location and peek inside to see smashed plates and glasses, you might wish that you’d invested in some of the following specialized boxes designed to avoid just such heartbreak.

The Standards

The standards are what you think of when you think of moving boxes. The small 1.5 cubic foot boxes, medium 3 cubic foot boxes, and the large 4.5 cubic foot boxes are all industry standard. Generally the smaller boxes are better for heavier items, for the simple reason that cardboard holds up better against a small amount of heavy stuff rather than a large amount (it is only cardboard, after all).

Wardrobe Boxes

The defining feature of this design is the short horizontal bar that can handle about 2 feet of hanger space comfortably. Forget folding and packing clothes in boxes. Shirts and pants are often too densely packed together and will overload regular boxes – resulting in the dreaded split bottom box.

Dish and Glass Boxes

These box types feature partitions that keep your dinner and stemware nice and stable during the journey. Another easy fix? Use a wine box from your local liquor store and use the individual compartments to transport your glassware.

Mirror or Flatscreen Boxes

To avoid seven years of bad luck and/or the stigma of being the person who scratched up the LED TV, another specialized box is in order. Mirror or flatscreen boxes feature secure cardboard joints that can hold the edges to prevent rocking, as well as guards for the screen. It’s really more of a kit that needs to be assembled, but it’s worth it.

If you’re using You Move Me, boxes can be ordered to fit your move. Otherwise stores like Home Depot offer many kinds, and U-Haul will not only sell you a smorgasbord of box types but also refund 100% of the price for any that you don’t use!

Well, that’s about the size of it. Remember that there’s no right way to do it, just the way that works for you. Good luck, and here’s to a stress-free, break-free move to a new home that you love!

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