The Ultimate Change of Address Checklist when Moving

Packing Up

It’s official! After months of home searching, you’ve made a down payment on a house and signed the paperwork. With Moving Day fast approaching, you’re scrambling to pack up your belongings and check off your never-ending to-do list.

This checklist ensures you’ll notify everyone you need to about your change of address – before and after your move.

Before Moving

While it’s difficult to notify all of your providers ahead of your move, you should make sure to contact a few before Moving Day. These are your essentials and utilities (the ones you can’t live a day without in your new home).


As you may have guessed, the Post Office should be at the top of your list. Set up your new forwarding address so that mail will be delivered to your new home, and avoid a backlog of mail in your old mailbox.

Secondly, notify your employer of your new address. They will update paychecks, tax forms, and other employment documents, so you can avoid confusion on Pay Day.


For a smooth transition, it’s important to update your change of address with all of your utility providers. This includes mobile and landline phones, cable, internet, electricity, water, garbage and sewer.

Note to parents: To make your campers happy, set up Netflix before your first night in the new home.

After Moving

You’ve unloaded the last box, your utilities are up and running, and the Internet is keeping your kids occupied. Now it’s time to notify all of your secondary providers of your new address.

Government and Public Offices

Notify all government offices that apply to you. This may include vehicle registration, income tax, social security, voter registration, family support, veterans affairs, pension benefits and US Customs and Immigration services.


Update your financial institutions. First, notify your bank or credit union and loan institutions (car, student, mortgage, home equity, personal loans, or others). Then, update your credit cards, PayPal account, pension plans, accountant or tax consultant, investment brokers, credit reporting agencies and financial aid.

To avoid mayhem come tax season, make sure to contact each of these providers as soon as possible.

Institutions and Providers

Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to think about the additional providers with whom you’ve shared your address. This can be your children’s schools, daycare, church, attorney and health practitioners (physicians, doctors, eye doctors, dentists, etc.) If you have furry friends, also notify your veterinarian!

If your family is involved in any community organizations, you’ll need to update these providers too. This may include professional memberships or boards, civic organizations, kids’ activities, PTA, neighborhood association, health clubs, country clubs or alumni groups.

Home Services

To make sure your new home is well manicured, you’ll want to notify your lawn, pool, pest control, delivery and housecleaning services.


Update all forms of insurance, such as health, dental, life, auto, disability, and homeowner’s insurance.

Memberships and Subscriptions

Last but not least, you don’t want to settle into your new home, only to realize you’ve forgotten to update your Netflix account! Update all subscription-based memberships, including retail clubs (Costco, Sam’s), online delivery subscriptions (Amazon, Ebay), streaming services (Netflix, HBO), newspapers, magazines or subscription boxes.

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