Simple Hacks for a Smooth Move

At You Move Me in Vancouver Wa, we have been moving long enough to discover some simple ways to help make your moving process as smooth as possible. Check out some of these simple hacks for smoothing out your transition.

Create a Checklist

Working off of a checklist will help ensure you aren’t forgetting some key elements of your move. Especially on the day of your move when things can get a little hectic. We have helped you out with this as well…not sure where to start? Read Here

Don’t forget the bare necessities

Pack a box with the essentials such as: toilet paper, toiletries, paper towels, paper plates, cups, utensils, a screw driver, soaps and some snacks. Set this box aside to be loaded up last-therefore unloaded first, for easy access to some of the most important items while unpacking all of your boxes

Take some pictures

Take a photo of the back of your tv, that way when you are setting up all of your electronics you have a visual reference of how everything is supposed to be hooked up.

Organize your packing supplies

If you plan to pack on your own, make a basket with all of the supplies you will need. That way you aren’t constantly looking for that pen that you just set down or those scissors you swear were right next to you. Some of the essentials to put in your basket are, Packing tape, labels, scissors, pens, a sharpie, a screwdriver, small baggies, a box knife, and some sticky notes.

Start in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most time consuming and complicated areas of the house to pack. Start here, everything else will feel like a breeze. If you aren’t sure where to start with your kitchen we also have a helpful checklist for that here.

Keep your liquids separate

Pack all your liquids togeteep your liquids separateher, cleaning supplies, soaps, etc in a plastic bin away from everything else. That way if anything leaks or spills it does not affect any of your other items.

Pack Smart

Remember, heavy items in small boxes. Label all of your boxes, not only with what is in the boxes but with what room the boxes belong in. Color code to save time, all boxes in the living room get blue tape, the kitchen gets green etc. Wrap your large, wooden, breakable items with blankets to avoid scratching anything or breaking them.

Moving Safety

Keep plastic bags handy

Remove and save all hardware from your items, as you remove place all items in one ziplock bag and if possible tape it to the item it belongs to. That way everything you need for that item in one place.

Keep your valuables safe

Designate a specific box for your valuables, place it in the cab with you

Plastic Wrap is your friend

Use plastic wrap to wrap your jewelry in place where it is, that way it avoids any of your chains getting tangled. You can also use plastic wrap to keep a drawer or two from opening in your dresser.

Use a packing guide

If you’re moving on your own without the help of professional movers, look up a guide to help you efficiently load your moving truck. Think, Heavy items and appliances close to the back, Face items with drawers towards mattresses. If you haven’t plastic wrapped them closed, this will help prevent them opening during transit. Heavy boxes in the center, and fill in spaces with the smaller items last.

Clean before you enter

If possible, go in and clean your new residence before you start moving in. This will give you one less thing to worry about while moving in and unpacking.

Be ready to go

One of the most important things you can do to smooth out your moving process is to be completely packed and ready to go on moving day. There is nothing more stressful than last minute packing while you are trying to fill your moving truck.

Have fun

Take some time in between packing and moving to have some fun! Even the professionals pause for some fun on occasion!

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