Paint inspiration from around the globe


When it comes to the look and feel of your home – the possibilities are as endless as the inspiration you choose to draw from. Do you have a favorite travel spot or a place that you’ve seen on postcards that you dream of escaping to? With the right choice of color palette you can transform your space into its own enviable destination.

Here are some of our travel inspired favorites and how they can set the foundation in transforming your space.

Caribbean Cues

Living below the equator isn’t the only way to enjoy tranquility year round. For those of you who can’t get enough of the Caribbean’s blue and turquoise waters and golden sun rays, splash your walls with these beautiful hues.


Choose from an array of warm, sunny yellows to create an uplifting space that is both happy and serene. Or, select vivid teals and ocean turquoises to create a space that calms and soothes just like the water-lapping waves.

Scandinavian simplicity

Choose from the cool side of the color wheel to create a Scandinavian feel in your home. Although IKEA has had its influence the last century through minimalist designs in crisp whites and natural wood hues, the Scandinavian look and feel dates back to days before furniture that could be put together with an Allen key.


Crisp whites, greys and icy blues all give a nod the region’s historical landscape of fjords, vast lakes and snowy mountain tops make the perfect backdrop for your version of Scandinavian simplicity.

Asian accents

There are many cultures around the world that celebrate red as the color of good fortune and happiness. In many Asian countries shades of red have a strong legacy that live on through local architecture, art, clothing and traditions.

Asian Accents

Choosing deep, strong red colors are a way to bring this history and culture to your own home regardless of its physical location. If you’re feeling bold, you can paint an entire room in a symbolic red or create an accent wall to bring a dose of good fortune into your home. The celebrations await.

Wherever your travels may take you, be sure to snap a photo to bring the inspiration home.

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