Packing up the shed

Moving and packing a la DIY may save you a little in the pocketbook, but will take its toll in other ways – hello stress? – if you don’t do it the right way. With spring just around the corner, moving probably means lugging along a burgeoning shed as well. So how do you pack up that shed?

Safety first

Our strategy focuses on your safety first. With so many flammable products typically located in the shed, make sure you strictly address proper removal and transport guidelines. BBQs, lawnmowers, weedeaters, and other power tools often use gas and/or propane. Follow user manual recommendations for safely removing all fuels before moving these items out of the shed. Propane tanks should be removed and emptied, while all lids and part are tightly secured. We do not recommend transporting fuel, flammable goods such as paints, aerosol cans, or heavy duty cleaners.

Awkward or sharp tools

Many shed tools are long, sharp, and/or misshapen. Any protruding sharp points on pruners, for example, should be wrapped securely and taped in place to mitigate any injuries should an item dislodge during transport.

Small items

For smaller items, including hand tools and gardening utensils, ensure you have a variety of small and medium sized boxes. Use bubble wrap, old rags, or linens to wrap all sharp and pointy items and pack the boxes well so the contents don’t shift around. Be sure to completely cover the box. It’s very important to label these boxes so the person unpacking is aware of the contents.

Moving patio furniture

The best way to move stored patio furniture is to disassemble all of the parts, fold them up and place them on the truck with other large items. Chair pads can be removed and ideally placed in large, clear plastic bags. Glass table tops should be carefully wrapped and placed between cushioned items – tightly secured in the truck – to prevent breakage.

Pack large items first

When it comes time to pack up the truck, place your large items (BBQs, lawnmowers, power tools, larger garden equipment, patio furniture, rakes, brooms and the like) on the moving truck last, and remove them first.

Packing up and moving the shed is actually one of the easiest moving chores, provided it’s done with some forethought and proper safety and packing procedures are followed.

Hey, it’s nearly spring! Enjoy your move!

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