Packing Clothes for Moving

How many times have you packed your clothes by leaving them on the hangers and throwing them in the truck or over the back seat of your car? Be honest! Those piles are heavier than they look, right? Well, here’s a better way to pack your clothes for the next time you move.

Plan to pack your clothing with the same level of care you put into moving your kitchen and fragile items. Invest in wardrobe moving boxes for any clothes that need hangers, boxes for your wrapped shoes, and luggage for folded clothes and handbags. You’ll be thankful when you unpack your clean, wrinkle-free clothes from a well-organized pack!

Follow these easy guidelines to pack clothing properly for a move:

  1. Purge – use your move as the perfect opportunity to get rid of unwanted or unused clothing. This way, you only pack the clothes you want to keep
  2. Invest in wardrobe moving boxes – these are a great investment – as the average person moves 11.7 times in their life – so they’ll get a lot of use! Pack wardrobe boxes with clothing you would typically dry clean and have ironed to minimize wrinkles. Do not overpack wardrobe moving boxes as they can get very heavy. If you have extra space, stuff the box with light items such as pillows
  3. Pack your suitcase! – and away you go…to your new home! May as well use that space up! Pack your folded items, including tee shirts, sweaters, jeans, shorts, and underclothes. Handbags can be laid out flat in a suitcase as well.
  4. Pack shoes in boxes – I’ve seen people throw shoes into a garbage bag. This can lead to stains and scrapes you don’t want on your favourite patent leather shoes. Wrap dressy shoes in ink-free paper and stuff with paper if you’ll be stacking them, and place them in a box. Use your common sense here.
  5. Pack an overnight bag – To really keep stress to a minimum, save yourself the hassle of rummaging through your clothes for pyjamas or a change of clothing. Pack a small bag with toiletries and clothing essentials so you’re composed while you’re unpacking.

And you are set for a wrinkle-free move! In your new home, unpacking should be a breeze. Use your empty wardrobe boxes for storage of winter/summer clothes.

Happy moving!

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