Moving to Portland Oregon

Moving to Portland Oregon: A Guide from You Move Me

The Portland Metro area is growing rapidly. From 2014-2015 the population grew by approximately 40,000 new residents. This increase seems to be the continuing trend. Those of us who live in the Portland metro area can’t really blame the newcomers. Portland is a desirable place to live, with its mild climate and diverse way of living. There is something for everyone here. Let’s take a look at why so many people love Portland, some of the things you need to know before moving here, and some ways to make your move to Portland a whole lot easier.


Portland, Oregon is a modern city that really works while retaining a sense of authenticity and quirkiness that draws many people here. If you’re lucky enough to be moving to Portland, you can anticipate a city that treasures its public parks and natural beauty, encourages artists and entrepreneurs, and appreciates great dining and entertainment. Take a look at what you can expect if you move to Portland.

Things to Know Before Moving to Portland

When you live in Portland, you’re close to everything. You have easy access to mountain ranges and coastlines alike. A quick trip to the west and you will end up at the Oregon coast. To the east is Mt. Hood, and just North of Portland is Mt. St. Helens. Not to mention the thousands of acres of hiking trails that are an outdoor lover’s paradise. 

Portland is Green

Portland is a green city in every sense of the word, and its natural greenery comes courtesy of its high rainfall. While you’ll experience comfortable and even warm temperatures from May to October, the rest of the year tends toward the chilly. That doesn’t slow the locals down, though; they just add another layer of fleece and head back outdoors.

If you love the outdoors, you’ll feel blissfully at home in Portland, where Mount Hood hovers over the city and offers four ski resorts for your wintertime fun. If cycling and running through the city doesn’t get you outdoors enough, head out of town for summertime hiking, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. Locals all turn out to support the Trail Blazers during basketball season.

Breweries, Restaurants, and More.

Portland’s bustling downtown is highly walkable and bikeable, and locals here enjoy great dining, tax-free shopping, and a fashionable bar scene. If you live here, you might opt for an all-modern loft with the city’s famous Voodoo Doughnuts within walking distance. Check out this link for the neighborhoods ranked in order for the best food and drink!

Year-round, you’ll find Portland to be a welcoming community that thrives on music and craft beer, often at the same time. The music scene in Portland constantly introduces new bands to the world, so this is your chance to get in on the ground floor as a fan. When you just want to relax with your new neighbors, enjoy a craft beer at a local pub, or even craft spirits on the city’s Distillery Row.

Places to Live in Portland, OR

Northwest Portland, which includes Forest Park and Nob Hill, is home to beautifully restored Victorian homes. Just strolling the neighborhoods here makes you realize how great your life is. Also in North Portland are the Lloyd District, the Mississippi Avenue neighborhood, and North Williams. Living here puts you close to the Moda Center, where the Portland Trail Blazers play, as well as to plenty of shopping choices.

Choose a home on the Northeast side of Portland to enjoy being surrounded by art, with street fairs popping up in the Alberta Arts District monthly. Life on the Eastside puts you in touch with the Willamette River, the focal point of outdoor life in the city. Bring your inner tube, paddleboard or kayak to enjoy lazy summer afternoons here.

Southeast Portland’s neighborhoods, including Belmont, Division/Clinton, and Hawthorne, treat you to an unending spread of coffeehouses, intriguing cafes and bars, and vintage shops of all sorts. A wildlife refuge beckons you to live in the historic Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood, which is still just minutes from downtown.

Getting Around Portland

Portland goes out of its way to make it easy to get around. Buses and light rail connect Portland residents all over the city, and streetcars carry folks through the downtown area. You’ll find bike paths and walking paths in abundance — in fact, Portland has been chosen as the most pedestrian-friendly city in the United States. The result of all this? Clean air and a clean city overall.

If you’re moving to Portland from a major city in another state, you can probably expect a slower, more relaxed lifestyle once you get settled in Portland. Don’t slow down on one thing, though: You need to get your new driver’s license and vehicle registration within 30 days. Nobody wants a traffic ticket, so don’t delay!

Schools in Portland

Portland’s public schools offer some intriguing choices, including magnet schools, a Talented and Gifted program, and International Baccalaureate programs at several high schools. In additional, several elementary schools offer immersive foreign language programs in Russian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

What You Need to Know Before Moving to Portland Oregon

  • It rains A LOT. Yearly Portland sees an average of 39.14 inches of rainfall. This is something to consider when thinking about the type of lifestyle you like to lead and how your surroundings can play a factor in that.
  • There is no sales tax. What you see is what you get when looking at prices in Portland.
  • You don’t pump your own gas. So if you don’t take public transit, this may take a little getting used to.
  • You’ll want to choose your neighborhood carefully. As a relatively low-density city, you will want to do your research so you don’t find yourself living across town from your favorite parks and restaurants.

How to Make Your Portland Move Simple.

Hire professional movers. This is the best way to make your move as easy as possible. Not only are you hiring people who move your things for a living, but you’re hiring people who are local to Portland, move in Portland literally every day, and would gladly offer up recommendations of just about anything you would like to know about the area. 

At You Move Me, we’re right here in your neighborhood in Portland and happy to help. We can provide local moving services, moving boxes, and pretty much anything you need. Give us a call to get a free, no-obligation quote today.

Timing is important as well. You will find it easier to move during the spring or summer, if possible. If you have to move in the winter, check out our article on some tips to help make that move as smooth as possible.

If you enjoyed this article and want to read more about why Portland is so great check out our blog to read all of our other articles about your move to Portland!

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