Moving to Oklahoma City: What to Know Before Moving

Are you thinking of calling Oklahoma City your new home? If you’re looking for a city that offers fresh air, great schools, low crime, easy commutes and your choice of family friendly activities, then OKC is the right place for you.

Moving to Oklahoma City for the Climate

Summers in OKC are hot and dry with less rainfall after June. Occasional thunderstorms pop up throughout the hot months where the average temperature is right around 90 degrees. You might want to cool off at the pool on hot summer days. Or, if you prefer, you can visit the many shops and get out of the heat.

In the fall, the heat lets up a bit and precipitation occurs in September and October. While temperatures fall quickly going into the fall months, OKC still has many hot days of 80 to 90 degrees going into mid-October.

Winters in OKC can be very cold although they are brief. It is not uncommon for warm spells to take place in winter with temperatures reaching 70 degrees. You can expect to see snowfall sometime throughout the winter months.

With the arrival of spring in OKC, warmer temperatures will be noticed in March. With spring comes an uptick in thunderstorms and rain showers.

Great Neighborhoods to Live in OKC

Oklahoma City is made up of several unique neighborhoods, each possessing its own special characteristics and charm. A few of these areas stand out because of their popularity and ability to draw in a young elite crowd.

The Plaza District is made up of young couples and singles. Throughout the last 15 years, this neighborhood has seen millions of dollars in development, plummeting crime rates and sharply increasing property values. Schools provide an excellent education for the children of this neighborhood and local businesses thrive in this area. The young elite are drawn to the nightlife, arts, and culture that the Plaza District offers.

The exclusive Bricktown is home to the Oklahoma City NBA Thunder team. It is the entertainment district of OKC. Crime rates are low due to the ongoing police presence. Education rates are high in Bricktown as all children have access to city schools. With its bars, restaurants and entertainment, this neighborhood attracts young professionals looking for an exciting life.

Young urban professionals who enjoy a vibrant nightlife that offers great food, great company and unique and fun bars are drawn to Automobile Alley. Residents of this popular area always look forward to the monthly Auto Alley Shop Hop where the entire neighborhood has a huge party.

Transportation and Schools in OKC

Oklahoma City consists of a freeway network with 6 to 8 lanes. Congestion is lower compared to other similar networks. OKC is served by three major interstates and two secondary interstates. Metro transit and shuttle services provide an easy and convenient way for commuters to get around the city.

Oklahoma City Public Schools are multicultural serving the urban area of Oklahoma City and offers a quality education to the students who are enrolled. It is the largest primary and secondary school system in the state of Oklahoma consisting of 97 schools and home to the approximately 46,000 students who were enrolled for the 2016-2017 school year.

What to Do in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has no shortage of entertainment and fun activities. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum to capture the true emotions and feelings associated with the Oklahoma City bombing. Oklahoma City experienced unspeakable violence on that day. This memorial stands as a symbol of strength and hope.

A unique educational experience can be found at the Museum of Osteology, “America’s Only Skeleton Museum”. This museum has 7,000 square feet of displays focusing on the form and function of the skeletal system.

The Banjo Museum is a national treasure that tells of the banjo’s humble roots in American slavery and evolution to bluegrass, American folk, and world music.

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