Your Guide to Moving to Charlotte, NC

Moving to a new place is a big undertaking, and you want to make sure you know what you’re into before landing in a new city. If you’re moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, check out the 7 things you need to know before you make the big move to Charlotte.

1. It’s a sports town.

No matter what sport you’re into, you’ll have a hometown team to cheer for. After years of going under the Bobcats name, the Charlotte Hornets finally returned in the 2014-15 season, which was great news for basketball fans. Football fans will love watching the Carolina Panthers, but if you want to see them in person, you’ll have to act fast—the games regularly sell out! Folks in Charlotte also love (and we mean LOVE) NASCAR, with the Charlotte Motor Speedway regularly hosting events like the Bank of America 500.

2. It’s easy to save in Charlotte.

The cost of living in Charlotte is still relatively low, compared to other cities. For example, the average sale price for a home is around $185,000 and the average cost of rent just outside of the city center is about $750 a month. That’s a steal for a city the size of Charlotte! Once you’re living there, you’ll find that things like food, drinks, and entertainment are pretty affordable too! You’ll certainly get more bang for your buck when you’re living in Charlotte.

3. You’ll be seeing green.

Don’t worry—we mean it in a good way! Even though it’s a city, Charlotte is filled with lush greenery. Trees are everywhere, even in the downtown area. That’s an impressive feat for a city, and it’s all due to their commitment to green living. By 2050 the city plans to have over 50 percent of the city under tree cover. Green living, indeed!

4. Just say no to snow.

If you’re not a fan of harsh winters, Charlotte is the place for you! Being in the south, the winter temperatures are usually much more mild than you would find in more northern cities. The average January temperature in January is a slightly cold 40 degrees, which is not too bad. With warmer temps, you’ll pretty much never have to worry about snow. While a few flakes may fall occasionally, it doesn’t usually stick around for long. Say goodbye to your snow shovel!

5. It’s home to some tasty BBQ.

Carolina barbecue is different than the stuff you’ll find in any other state. In Charlotte, you’ll find a few different varieties to try, mainly Lexington-style BBQ, which uses a ketchup-based sauce, and Eastern style BBQ, which features a vinegar-based sauce.

6. It’s easy to get around.

Within the city, public transport is easy to use. The Lynx is the city’s 9-mile light rail line and 1.5 mile streetcar line, and is a great way to get around Charlotte. If you’re going further out, there’s tons to see just a short drive away. Just hop in the car and in a few hours you could find yourself on a beach, climbing mountains, exploring the wilderness, or visiting one of many other great nearby cities.

7. Charlotte is only getting better.

It’s one of the fastest growing cities of its size in the country, and regularly get awards for its quality of living. Charlotte is a great place to live if you want to invest in your future. It will almost certainly be bright when you’re living in Charlotte!

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