Moving “Ready to Assemble” Furniture

Did you know that moving companies have limited liability for damage to “ready to assemble” furniture (furniture you or a store have had to build from a package)? This means that many movers, including You Move Me, do not move assembled furniture unless it’s been disassembled first.

And before you ask – yes – ready to assemble furniture includes Ikea furniture!

You may be wondering why this is the case? This kind of furniture does not stand up to the normal strains of moving and therefore needs to be fully disassembled prior to a move to avoid loose joints, chipping, and breakage. In many cases, the cost of repair can exceed the value of this kind of furniture.

The best way to move this furniture is to disassemble it at your old place and reassemble it at your new home. If you can build this into your moving preparation plan, you’ll find this is an easy, stress-free part of the moving process.

When moving “ready to assemble” furniture, you have two options:

1. Unless the piece is overly complex or fragile, the movers at You Move Me are happy to disassemble and reassemble the furniture for our clients. The time to do this is included in our regular moving service and there are no additional charges beyond our hourly rate.

2. Alternatively, a less expensive option is to disassemble the furniture yourself, completely removing and carefully placing all fasteners, pins, cams, handles, wafers, and dowels in a clearly labeled box or bag so that you don’t misplace any hardware.

Happy Moving!

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