Moving like a major

Moving can feel like a combat zone. Boxes, piled high, become obstacles to weave through while tension builds among the hard-working recruits.

But if you go in to battle prepared, there’s no reason to stress. These simple tips will help you put your mind at ease.


Plan ahead. It’s the simplest – but most overlooked – rule for moving. Most people have at least a month’s notice before a big move, so there’s no reason to leave organization to the night before!

Check lists will be your best friend in this process. The list can be started months before a move, and can be updated as the day looms closer and tasks are completed.

A good way to start is by making a list of rooms in the house, and going from there. For example:


Pre-Pack (unnecessary items that can be boxed up any time)



Seasonal clothing

Sports equipment

Pictures, art, wall hangings

Day-of Pack (bigger items and necessary items that will be hauled off on moving day)



Book shelf

Cleaning List




It’s also wise to assign movers to each room, and have an idea of what items will be put in the truck first.

Feel free to use our complete moving day checklist.


When help arrives, ensure they know which room to start in. Make the job go faster by giving each helper a list of what needs to be packed and cleaned, and where to go when the list is complete. Remind help or movers to label each box!

Minutes spent looking for tiny moving supplies can add up to hours. Each room should be equipped with the following:

Boxes – Use our handy moving box calculator to find out how many boxes are needed for each room)

Packing tape


X-Acto knife

Permanent marker


Cleaning supplies

**Hint: Many home hardware stores provide inexpensive or free cloth tool belts.


By strategizing first, you will approach moving day with the knowledge that your rooms and movers are ready to go. It will be easier to unpack and get settled thanks to labeled boxes and an organized moving truck.

Ordering a meal that can be delivered to your new house sometime in the evening will provide a natural time to stop working, plus a necessary break.

Take a rest and congratulate yourself: You just completed a move!

(NOTE: While some may liken moving to fighting an uphill battle, we’d still like to bring attention to the many veterans and military personnel who move house often. If you fall into one of these categories, feel free to check out this resource.)

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