How to say goodbye to old friends

We often focus on the person that’s moving because it’s a big life change, filled with new adventures and pressures. But what about the people who get left behind?

If you’re moving, consider giving your friends a token of farewell. They’re going to miss you and remembering them before you move will help keep your connections strong in the future.

Here are You Move Me’s four best suggestions to properly say goodbye to old friends.

Empty House Party

Once your belongings have been packed and the furniture is out of the house, why not throw one last bash? Get everyone to bring a lawn chair and a cooler (filled with their drink of choice), provide some chips n’ dip, and you’ve got yourself an empty house party, or EHP.

There are endless benefits to an EHP: it’s a chance to reminisce about the good times you had in your house, clean-up will be minimal, and any slightly inebriated friends might just promise to help move the heavy stuff later.

Housewarming Shindig

On the other hand, if you didn’t move too far away, you can plan to see your friends as soon as possible in your new digs by inviting them to a housewarming party. The best part is that the invites can be mailed far in advance, so you don’t have to worry about getting it done on moving day. Knowing you will see your favorite people soon will make the transition easier.

Prepaid Phone Card

Does your move require a passport? If you’re moving abroad, don’t let the ocean between you cause a rift. Instead, gift your closest family and friends with a prepaid Skype account or phone card. That way, they can keep in touch while you’re a world away.

Gift Hunt

Leave a lasting impact by planting a memento at your friend’s house. A week or two after you’ve moved, they’ll open the cupboard to find the keepsake. Bonus? It’s a great prompt for them to give you a call.

The best things to leave usually involve an inside joke or something sentimental that will make your friend remember a happy time together.

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