How to Safely Move Your Home Arcade Machine

When you’re moving into a new place, there’s a lot that you need to make sure gets moved properly and safely. While you probably know how to pack up smaller items like your china dishes, what about moving larger, fragile items?

For example, if you have a pool table, pinball machine, or other coin-operated game, it’s important to take special care of this equipment during your move. These machines are expensive and have a sentimental value like many of your other belongings. Not taking proper precautions could result in significant damage during a move, leading to repair costs.

Follow these steps to disassemble your pinball machine. This example uses the SHREK Pinball Machine. Even if you don’t have this exact machine, you can still follow these tips to ensure your game room equipment safely gets to your new place.

  1. Make sure to remove the pinballs.
  2. Fold the head of the pinball game, where Shrek’s face is on this game down onto the play field.
  3. Get some plastic wrap and make sure the play field is secured to the head so it’s not bouncing around when you move it.
  4. Remove the back legs and lay the pinball to the ground.
  5. Lift up the front so the coin door is facing up in the air.
  6. Remove the front legs.
  7. Wrap the cabinet in blankets to protect the paint and exterior of the game.
  8. Place the pinball on a hand truck to move it.

 The key with most gaming equipment is to remove the delicate parts of the table or machine first. For example, remove the screws, slate, and felt from a pool table before removing the legs.

You may be able to move your pinball machine or other gaming equipment on your own, but note that pinball machines weigh about 325 lbs. on average. At least two people should move the machine.

Alternatively, hire a professional that has experience moving heavy arcade game equipment. Sometimes, the mechanics of the pinball machine can get messed up during the move and might require some tweaking. This is usually a simple task for someone that is experienced to solve but can be tricky for the novice pinballer. Ask your mover if they have experience moving arcade games and collectibles before hiring one.

In the event that something does happen to your gaming equipment, consult an arcade services professional who specializes in repairs and restorations. This will ensure that repairs are done correctly, so you can play your game in your new home.


Author bio: Gene Goodman is vice president of M&P Amusement, a distributor of new and quality refurbished used arcade games and pinball machines since 1932.

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