Essential Packing Supplies for Hassle Free Moving

Most of the moving companies in Atlanta will include the cost of packing supplies when presenting you with the quote, but you can save a considerable amount of money if you let them know that you have your own and therefore you won’t be using their supplies. Presented here are the essential packing supplies you need for affordable and hassle free moving:

Ordinary packing boxes

Ordinary packing boxes are great for packing general items that do not require any special treatment when moving. These include items such as clothes, less fragile utensils, books, shoes etc. You can get such boxes cheaply from your local grocery stores or liquor stores provided that you make early arrangements with the management so that they can keep for you the boxes when they get their supplies.

Specialty moving boxes

Specialty boxes are for packing and moving fragile items. These boxes have been designed with additional safety features to offer adequate protection for the items packed therein. Depending on what to pack, you will get boxes that are of a similar shape and size. The specialty boxes are ideal for packing items such as artwork and mirrors, expensive lamps, guitars, pianos etc. Such boxes are also available from most of the Atlanta moving stores.

Packing accessories

Other than the right boxes, you also need a few packing accessories to enhance the safety and the security of your items when being moved. These include items such as box wraps, forms for extra cushioning, labels to mark the various boxes, packing tape, bubble wrapping, markers, box cutters, mattress covers and stretch wraps to protect surfaces and keep awkward items together. All these and many other accessories may be found in the various moving stores around Atlanta. It is always a good idea to have these items excluded from the quote as you can get them locally and save some money!

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